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Please follow the below safety guidelines.

- Remove all packaging before use.
- Ensure the candle is standing straight up and firmly in a secure candle holder before lighting.
- Always trim the wick of the candle to approx. ¼ inch before lighting to ensure the best and most safe possible burn.
- Make sure you burn the candle on a flat surface and protect any surfaces that may be damaged from dripping wax.
- Do not burn the candle near any flammable objects that may catch fire. For example; curtains, furniture, carpets, lamps, etc.
- Never move the candle whilst lit and do not touch the wick when hot.
- Never leave a burning candle unattended.
- Keep the burning candle out of reach of children and pets.
- Keep away from any drafts or anything that might sway the flame in any direction.

Please extinguish the candle carefully. Candle safety is the responsibility of the buyer.


Notice: There is no guarantee the taper candle will not drip. Wax will inevitably run down a taper candle, as they are different than larger dripless candles where the wax pools in the centre by the wick.

Privacy & Safety
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